Whiten Teeth Naturally!

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Whiten Teeth Naturally!

5 Foods That Will Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Whitening Teeth Naturally! Five Foods That Will Naturally Brighten Your Smile!

At Bogota Dental Center so many patients ask how to keep their new bright smile gleaming after whitening. Other patients have asked about a holistic approach to keeping their teeth white naturally without the introduction of whitening agents. The solution to both is very simple! Try supplementing your diet with the following foods. Offering you added nutritional benefits while naturally whitening your beautiful smile!

Tooth Whitener #1: Strawberries

Most people would think because of their dark color strawberries would naturally stain your teeth, but contrary to belief they’re packed with an enzyme known as malic acid, which naturally makes teeth whiter despite the dark color. So, the next time you’re shopping and thinking of a treat you and your significant other can enjoy together.... Wink! Grab some strawberries and a bottle of your favorite champagne for a sweet treat and naturally whiten your teeth together.

Tooth Whitener #2: Cauliflower

Not one of my personal favorites! However, cauliflower is good for your teeth because it requires a lot of chewing. The longer it takes to break down food in your mouth, the more saliva you produce. Saliva is a natural cleanser for your teeth and will keep them shining bright. So, relax and make a conscious effort to chew all your food a little longer and your teeth will thank you for it by becoming whiter!

Tooth Whitener #3: Cheese

Our parents told us to drink lots of milk for stronger bones and healthy smile. They were right! But did you know that dairy products, like cheese, milk and yogurt are abundant in lactic acid, which naturally whitens teeth? Well it does! So if you want a whiter smile in family photographs or those amazing selfies you’re taking…. Say Cheese!

Tooth Whitener #4: Apples

Apples require a lot of chewing, similar to a crunchy carrot which is good, especially between teeth. Like me, I am sure you have had to use floss or a tooth pick to remove apple skin from between your teeth. Well, that skin is great at removing staining particles from hard to reach places! This is a natural tooth whitening exercise for your mouth. Hey! An apple a day also keeps yellowing teeth away!

Tooth Whitener #5: Celery

Fruits and vegetables that are fibrous are not just low in calories and nutrient-rich, chewing fibrous foods not only whitens teeth naturally it is also beneficial in keeping your gum tissue healthy. I find that that dipping my celery and carrots in a yogurt based dip not only healthy, but also a great way to keep my teeth pearly white!

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