Teeth Whitening; a deep dive into this confidence boosting cosmetic procedure

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Teeth Whitening; a deep dive into this confidence boosting cosmetic procedure

Here at Bogota Dental Center we will help you achieve a bright and healthy smile you can wear proudly. We will walk you through all the teeth whitening questions you may have and that starts with understand how yellowing of the teeth occurs.

Have you ever noticed someone else’s smile from across a room or been captured by their mouth as their speaking to you? It can be argued that a mouth is the most noticeable part of our bodies.

How can you feel more confident smiling? Well, we are here to help you shine! One of the most non-invasive and quick ways to improve our smile is through teeth whitening.

We will walk you through all the questions you may have, but first we need to understand how yellowing of the teeth occurs.

What Causes Stained Teeth?

Over time, the outer layer of our enamel becomes thinner naturally from normal wear. As we age, dentin (a yellowish substance), begins to show through from beneath the enamel.

The chromogens that are found in everyday foods and drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine often stain teeth along with the well-known contributor ..  tobacco.

Other not so obvious ways teeth can turn yellow is by certain medications/antibiotics, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and some injuries.

As you can see, yellowing is natural and happens to all of us!

What can I expect during my procedure?

Plan to be with us for up to about 90 minutes. Most procedures, depending on how drastic of a plan you and your doctor decide on last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes and can take from 1 to two sessions. Our Doctor’s want to make sure that your smile looks natural, so there will be a variety of teeth color’s to choose from.

Does Teeth whitening hurt?

Sometimes you can experience tooth or gum sensitivity during and after whitening treatments. This sensitivity can even be described as discomfort or painful during and after whitening treatments.

Usually tooth sensitivity will last for a few minutes or a few days. It will be most pronounced in the first day or so, with noticeable improvements each day. If you are still experiencing pain after a week, contact your dentist.

Am I a Candidate for getting my teeth whitened?

Most adults with a healthy mouth will be a wonderful candidate.

However, adults with gum disease, recession and exposed/ highly sensitive root surfaces may find the whitening ingredients may enhance teeth and gum irritation.

Sometimes if a patient has fillings, crowns, and extremely dark stains we recommend talking to your dentist about your options and if whitening your teeth is the right course of action.


We look forward to creating an Oral Cosmetic treatment plan that fits your needs and stand alongside you for the entirety of the process to monitor the treatment plan as we go.

Call us today for a risk-free assessment of your mouth and we will have you smiling brighter and more confidently before you know it!


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