Keep Your Family Smiling

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Keep Your Family Smiling

Are your children, parents and significant other comfortable smiling? Is there more than meets the eye? Here are few tips to help them regain that beautiful smile!

Keeping Your Loved Ones Smiling!

If you’re like me you probably love it when someone says “You have a great smile!” My response is always “Thank You!” When I should really include “I will also thank my dentist on your behalf.” Our smile is the first thing people see. It can portray confidence and happiness or make us feel insecure. It’s the same case for our children and other members of our families. Is insecurity about your smile affecting your confidence?  What about members of your family? Is there more than meets the eye?


I find that asking family members periodically if they feel comfortable smiling is very beneficial. If they respond that they don’t like how their teeth are discolored. That’s great! A whitening tooth paste and rinse will have them loving their smile again as well as boosting their confidence. If I find they’re not feeling comfortable smiling is for a reason that doesn’t involve their teeth. It’s a great way to break the ice to explore underlying issues that can be addressed as a family to helping return their beautiful smile!  

Let me give you a perfect example. When my daughter was 11 years old she wasn’t happy that her teeth were a little crooked. So, a few years and a few thousand dollars later her braces came off 2 months ago and her smile is perfect! The way she looked the day see got her braces off her smile could only be compared to the works of Michelangelo! A month later I noticed she wasn’t smiling as often as she had been even with her braces on. I had to ask if she felt comfortable smiling and did she like her smile now that her orthodontic treatment was complete. I came to find out that although her school had a zero tolerance for bullying she was being bullied on her way home from school by her classmates! Being the doting father that I am, let’s just say I took care of that problem immediately.

You see, asking my daughter if she was comfortable smiling somehow broke down a barrier where she felt comfortable enough to talk about what was troubling her. As a family we have solved the problem and now that beautiful smile has returned. If you’re like me, watching my daughter exhibit a care free uninhibited smile is the greatest gift in the world! Furthermore, helping her regain that beautiful smile makes me feel proud to be a dad.   

Truth is a beautiful smile for most of us takes work. Not only by ourselves on a daily basis, seeing our dentist regularly but also periodically asking our loved ones if they are comfortable with their smile. There is only one thing I enjoy doing more than smiling. That’s smiling with the ones I love!

Hoping you found this blog helpful!


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