Are You Fearful Of Dental Visits?

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Are You Fearful Of Dental Visits?

Why you can’t afford to let anxiety keep you from visiting the dentist?

Why you can’t afford to let anxiety keep you from visiting the dentist?

Fear is the number one reason patients avoid going to the dentist. Often times this fear stems from a past experience that was negative or painful. We have also met many patients where routine dental visits have never been part of regular healthcare habit, so it feels foreign or uncomfortable.

Our dentists completely understand where you’re coming from.  That’s why at our Bogota NJ office we provide patients a stress free environment where we take great care in delivering relatively pain free dentistry. We will treat your dental needs as we would our family members.

I am quite sure you could find numerous reasons not to see a dentist regularly. That being said, I would like to give you some very compelling reasons why you should NOT avoid your routine dental appointments.

With the latest advancements dentistry can be painless. Our highly trained doctors provide gentle dentistry in a caring and relaxed environment.  Our primary concerns are your individual needs.  Our doctors will discuss how anesthetics and sedation dentistry may affect you prior to any treatment. By taking into account any special needs you may have, the most complex dental treatments can be performed painlessly. We realize that your needs are quite different from any other patient we may see. We take great pride in delivering relatively pain free dental procedures for all of our patients.

Offering sedation during dental treatments affords any patient who suffers from odontophobia a way to maintain oral health without any fear or anxiety. Just remember you are not alone, research estimates that over 75 percent of adults experience some form of 'dental fear,' and up to 10% percent suffer from ondontophobia. We will insure you are completely relaxed prior to any dental treatment. More importantly, most of our sedation patients have little or no memory of their procedure. We are sure if you have dental fears you will love this option.

Are you looking to find a sedation dentist in Bergen County NJ who performs gentle dental treatment? Do you have any questions about pain free of sedation dentistry? Please us a call 201-343-6770. We look forward to surpassing your expectations.

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