$15,000 Smile Makeover!

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$15,000 Smile Makeover!

Dentist With A Heart Giving Back To The Community

Bogota Dental Center

Free Smile Makeover… A Dentist With A Heart!

A beautiful smile is truly infectious! It not only makes you feel good but also those around us. Unfortunately through no fault of their own there are great people with great hearts that have lost the confidence to smile due to their dental health condition. Cosmetic dentist Sultan Sherzoy decided to make a difference with $15,000 free smile makeovers for two amazing people.!

Big Suprise! Joyce Didn't Know What Was Happening!

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Why Does Dr. Sherzoy Do It?

When asked what inspired him to give smile makeovers to two complete strangers? Dr. Sherzoy says “There are so many people in New Jersey that on a daily basis preform selfless acts of kindness without regard for themselves. Forsaking money, prestige and in some cases their own oral health for the betterment of family, loved ones and even strangers.”  When asked how he came about these findings Dr. Sherzoy added “I see it almost every day, family members who quit their jobs to take care of terminally ill loved ones. Our veterans who sacrificed everything to protect our freedom and only receive limited dental care within a year of being discharged.” Dr. Sherzoy adds “I have been truly blessed in my 20 years as a dentist and now it’s time to play if forward and give two truly deserving people a brand new beautiful smile! Seeing our two beautiful hearted winners regain the confidence to smile not only changes their life and the lives of everyone they meet, it also has an overwhelming positive effect on our entire office that words can’t explain.”

Joyce Sharing Her Free Smile Makeover Experience!

How people entered to win a free smile makeover?

We asked family and friends to write to us explaining the circumstances that have led to their loved ones deteriorated oral health. We then have every staff member read each story and vote for who they feel is most deserving. Then comes the best part! We have the person who wrote in on behalf of their loved one brings them into the office under the pretense that the need a ride home after a procedure. Our doctors and staff then surprise the winner that because of their selfless acts of kindness they are about to be rewarded with a life changing smile makeover.

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