10 Things To Know About Invisalign Clear Aligners

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10 Things To Know About Invisalign Clear Aligners

Straight Talk About Straight Teeth

Considering Invialign®? 10 Things You Should Know…

Are you considering straightening your teeth? You’ve probably heard of Invisalign®. Unlike traditional wire and bracket braces, Invisalign® involves wearing thin, transparent plastic aligners that will adjust your teeth until they reach an aesthetically pleasing position. They are customized to fit and enhance your unique smile for beautiful results. For these reasons and more, Invisalign® has become the most popular clear orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® is offered in more than 45 countries and is treating over 2.6 million patients around the world. Bogota Dental Center’s Dr. Aminyar is a preferred Invisalign® provider and with our highly trained team has treated thousands of patients with Invisalign® clear aligners.  Dr. Aminyar states “Our primary goal is empowering patients through education to make the choice that is right for them.”  We hope you find the following facts helpful if you are considering Invisalign ®.

  1. The treatment is very affordable

Foremost, the Invisalign® system is very affordable, and in many cases, they are no more expensive than traditional braces. This being the case, most people will have the option of choosing Invisalign® instead of traditional metal braces.

  1. They can correct a variety of imperfections in your smile.

Invisalign® braces can address mild to moderate orthodontic issues, including:

  1. Malocclusion (misaligned bite)
  2. Crowding
  3. Gapped Teeth
  4. Crookedness

If your orthodontic condition is severe, Dr. Aminyar might recommend traditional braces instead. However, most patients are good candidates for Invisalign® treatment.

  1. There are no food restrictions, unlike traditional braces.

You can simply remove your Invisalign® aligner to eat and drink. Unlike tradition braces, this treatment carries none of the food restrictions. You can enjoy your favorite foods like popcorn, candies and other foods without concern (of course, you will need to brush your teeth after consuming anything sugary, acidic, or starchy).

  1. Oral hygiene is much simpler.

Cleaning your teeth is very difficult task with conventional braces—patients need to use special implements to clean between and under their brackets and wires. If plaque and debris is left behind during routine cleaning, it could have a negative effect your overall oral health. Fortunately, with Invisalign®, you can simply take out your aligners and simply brush, floss, and use mouthwash. Invisalign® also allows Dr. Aminyar and our hygienists complete access to your teeth and gums during routine examinations and cleanings.

  1. The aligners are transparent, making them practically invisible.

Most adults would like to have straight teeth, but the appearance of conventional metal brackets and wires leave most adults apprehensive about treatment. Invisalign® aligners are thin, clear, and designed to fit discreetly, so your friends, family, and colleagues don’t know you’re wearing braces.


  1. Invisalign® is typically much more comfortable than traditional braces.

Although effective in straightening teeth, traditional brackets and wires can be quite uncomfortable. They tend to press against your teeth and irritate your gums. Most patients find Invisalign® braces to be much more comfortable to wear.

  1. Invisalign® clear braces reduce damage to teeth and gums

Conventional metal braces contain wire and protruding bits of metal that can puncture and scratch the insides of the mouth and gums.  Clear braces are smooth and comfortable. They do not include any sharp edges or protruding edges or bits. Conventional metal braces can affect demineralization and decaying teeth.  These problems do not exist with clear aligners.  Overall, clear braces reduce the damage normally caused by wearing braces, including gum disease and cavities.

  1. Fewer appointments

This benefit surely makes moms and dads happy! Invisalign requires fewer office visits (one visit every 8 to 10 weeks, usually) to achieve that beautiful smile. Your appointments will be quick, as no adjustments are necessary — just new trays to acquire. Invisalign frees up time in everyone’s schedule and has proved highly effective without being “high-maintenance.”

  1. Invisalign® boosts teens’ self-confidence

There’s evidence to suggest that youngsters can particularly benefit from Invisalign® in the form of a boost to self-confidence. Problems like protruding or crooked teeth affect many teens and can result in feelings that they’re unattractive. Teenagers who experience lack of self-confidence during adolescence are more vulnerable to negative influences of their peers and are more likely to become depressed.

  1. Shortening most treatment times.

Finally, on average, you can expect desired results from Invisalign® in approximately one year. In some cases treatment time may be longer or shorter, depending on your unique needs, but no matter the severity of your case, Dr. Aminyar is here to help you achieve a healthier, more aesthetic smile.


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For those who are interested in learning more about this tooth straightening system in or around Passaic County NJ, please contact Dr. Aminyar at Bogota Dental Center 201-343-6770. We will be happy to evaluate your current situation and determine if you are a candidate for Invisalign®.

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